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Past Reviews

  • Jane F.

    Berkeley, United States


    Is there another doctor anywhere who puts his cell phone # on his voice mail and returns calls, even on a Sunday, with his kids' voices audible in the background?! And later calls to see how you're doing?!  I went into a-fib during an appointment (a longstanding condition). He kept me in the office for an hour, trying to get me to convert, then prepared to have his asst. wheel me to the ER across the street. (Luckily, I did convert.) He remembers our past discussions better than I do (or takes awfully good notes!), is amazingly thorough, very smart, doesn't over-prescribe, communicates clearly, has been right-on about diagnoses, clearly cares about my health. I thought I'd never find a doctor to match my last one, Denise Davis, who retired, but I did. 'Couldn't ask for more in a doctor.

  • Gabriel M.

    Portland, United States

    242 friends


    This man is simply the best doctor I have had to date.  For years I had a disorder that puzzled various doctors who I had seen.  None could discern what was wrong with me.  After my second visit Dr. Weinreich had a preliminary diagnosis that was subsequently confirmed by a genetic test.  Not only did this diagnosis help me but has also helped other family members.  I deeply grateful for his talent and diligence.  He is a kind, intelligent, and caring doctor.  His kind is hard to find in my experience.

  • David M.

    Milpitas, United States


    I've seen Dr. Weinreich three times so far, and he has always been very competent, knowledgeable, and helpful.  He gave me a choice of medications along with side effects, effectiveness, and prices, so that I can an informed decision.  He was prompt in following up tests with a phone call to me explaining the results. His assistant/nurse, Jasmin, is very polite and helpful as well.

    Dr. Weinreich runs a sound and efficient practice -- no frills, just simple, thorough medical care.

  • Paul E.

  • Emeryville, United States

  • 12/12/2013

  • Excellent in all regards.....have no idea how/why anyone made negative comments regarding his communication skills as he is excellent in that regard He keeps me extremely well informed, taking his time to interact with thoroughly and completely.  I highly recommend his services....very friendly and patient-oriented.

  • Linda S.

    Oakland, United States


    I am so grateful to have found a Doctor with the excellent diagnostic skills of Doctor Weinreich.  He has the ability to communicate with clarity, is never rushed and gives you plenty of time to explain your concerns.  He has a holistic approach and does not over prescribe.  The office is modern, centrally located opposite Alta Bates and has plenty of parking.  I recommend Dr. Weinreich to any one who would appreciate an intelligent clinician who is systematic, intuitive and empathetic.

  • Brad B.

    Berkeley, United States


    After deciding to leave a very large practice when our long-time family doctor retired, leaving us to the care of inattentive, obviously overworked physicians practising in a crowded, unattractive suite, we found Don Weinreich. And we've received first-rate medical care ever since. Dr Weinreich is knowledgeable, patient, and communicates well. His exams are thorough, he's fully familiar with and makes use of contemporary diagnostic and treatment protocols without overprescribing, and he uses his considerable powers of medical observation effectively. We've never felt rushed, he returns phone calls, and he's built efficiency into his practice in ways that don't affect patient care adversely. He has our wholehearted endorsement!

  • Kay C.

    Oakland, United States

    0 friends

    7 reviews


    I highly recommend Dr. Weinreich.  He was recommended to us by a neighbor after my mother was not having any success with the physician she was seeing at the time.  She was having issues with balance, unsteadiness and a few other related issues.  It was Dr. Weinreich's thorough exam and insistence for a series of tests that revealed that my mom had a small brain tumor and an aneurysm. He sent her to the best facility, UCSF Medical Center, where she had surgery to successfully resolve her issues.  Personally, I believe he saved her from what could have been a catastrophic incident had her aneurysm burst.  Fortunatley, it was caught in time. He has been so kind and good to my mother, that my husband, daughter and I have dropped our previous physicians and Dr. Weinreich is now our prima;ry care physician.  He is thoughtful, focused and never rushes us.  He answers all questions and responds to phone calls the same day.  We also know like clockwork that when we call Dr. Weinreich, he always returns our calls that same evening.  This is the time when he returns calls unless there is an emergency.  I feel very grateful to have been referred to Dr. Weinrich, not only for my mother, but for my family as well.  I once had a primary care physician many years ago who was outstanding, and he eventually retired, leaving me with the feeling that I would never find another doctor as caring and attentive as him.  Well, I am happy to say that Dr. Weinreich has filled the gap!  I am happy that he is younger and won't be retiring for at least another 30-years!  Dr. Weinreich is definitely a top-notch physician, who I recommend with flying colors!

  • Jimmy C.

    Oakland, United States


    I had a cold that turned into a bad cough accompanied by shortness of breadth which prevented me from sleeping for a couple of nights.  Dr. Weinreich took the time to do multiple tests to diagnosis the issue, explain the possible cause, and recommend a combination of complementary natural and pharmaceutical treatments.  All things that you would expect from a good Primary Care Physician.    He also keeps a very stylish office =)

  • Alexandre M.

    Berkeley, United States


     First to Review

    without reservation i recommend Dr. Weinreich.   i have been his patient since 2004.  he has a terrific bed side manner, appears to be current on medical developments (i am not, so hard for me to judge), is insightful and intuitive, and comprehensive in his approach to care. because of my great experience, my wife, who is a medical professional, now sees him as well and is also very pleased.  his staff is very helpful, and his office is well equipped and clean.  of most importance, he really seems to understand me and care about my health (physical and mental).

  • 9/29/2014   Updated review

    Both my senior citizen parents and I have been patients of Dr. Weinreich for more than 7 years.  He is wonderful, he listens, he takes his time, he returns our calls, he explains things clearly, he visits my father when he has been hospitalized.  He takes his time to get to the source of a problem.  He gives out his cell phone and even returns calls when he isn't on call.  

    In today's rushed society, Dr. Weinreich takes his time with each of us and truly cares for our health and well being.  Between the three of us we have seen numerous doctors over the years but none as good as him.  

    • Katherine W.

    • Walnut Creek, United States


    I have been a patient of Dr, Weinreich for over a year. I'm in my 60's and have experienced many Doctors in my life.  I am very pleased with Dr. Weinreich and his office.  He is very caring and communicates very well.  He takes the time to listen and asks many questions in order to make sure you haven't forgotten to tell him something.  He is young, maybe in his late 30's early 40's, however he is very respectful and knowledgeable.  I would recommend him to any of my friends.  If you are sick and need a good Dr.  try Dr. Weinreich.

    • Joel K.

    • Berkeley, United States


    I have been seeing Dr. Weinreich for several years now.  My experience is that he listens well, thinks clearly, and can be trusted.  I truly believe he has his patients' best interests at heart.  He knows when to refer and when to follow through on his own.  He does not have a "quick draw" on medications but rather proceeds step by step and does not over-prescribe...a very good thing.  Perhaps most importantly, I have the sense more than ever before that I can direct my own medical care - that he gives me the information I need, along with his advice, and then gives me choice within logical parameters.  He's a very good-quality primary care physician.

    • blanca a.

    • El Sobrante, United States


    I have been a patient of Dr. Weinreich for past 4 years.  I am a medical professional as well.  I have found Dr. Weinreich to have excellent clinical as well as people skills.  He takes time to listen to my concerns and explores possible interventions and causes for same.  I have been to him for physical as well as mental/emotional issues and his approach to both have been very appropriate.  He attends to calls/messages in a timely manner.   He is very competent and thorough.  
    I am happy to recommend him.

    • Megan S.

    • Danville, United States


    Dr. Don Weinreich is my family practicioner for years.  He is the best.  I have a newborn and a few months ago I cut my finger wide open... It was horrible!  I was so stressed out and the last place I wanted to go was back to the hosptial.  I called Dr. Weinreich to see what he thought I should do.  He told me to meet him at his office (a Saturday) and he examined my hand and gave me stitches right in the office.  It was a lifesaver.  This is just the type of doctor he is.  I recommend him to everyone.

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